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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between toddler and regular?
Toddler carriers are 7" wider at the base than regular (19" vs 12"). They also have a longer hood (7" vs 5"). The body is also three inches taller (21" vs 18"). We recommend the toddler for babies over 18 months.
Why can't I use a toddler for my baby who is over fifteen pounds?
The base of the toddler is much wider than the regular, and you want to ensure that baby's legs aren't spread too wide. You alway want to make sure that they aren't completely covered within the carrier.
What makes your carriers different than others on the market?
We have a unique structure that creates an internal support for baby, which makes for a more comfortable carry. All of our straps (shoulder and body) go all the way through the carrier so when you pull on the straps to tighten, you're tightening all the way through the body and actually pulling baby in closer to you as opposed to just pulling on the fabric where the straps meet the body. We have crossable straps, which make for really supportive front carries. Our unique hood and body design allow for very discrete nursing as well as providing support and sun shade for sleeping babies.